Summer Energy Saving Tips

May 31, 2018

From American Public Power Association and Heartland: Follow these simple steps to increase your energy efficiency, keep your home comfortably cool and keep your bills down.

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2018 Summer Energy Saving Tips (PDF)



Program or set your thermostat to 78° F or higher for when you aren’t home and overnight, and reduce your water heater to 130° F. Set your refrigerator at 36° to 39°, and keep your freezer at 0° to 5° F.



Ensure ceiling and window fans are well placed for circulation of cool air when home and use a whole house fan to remove hot air from the attic.



Clean or replace A/C filters regularly to maximize their efficiency.



Check weatherstripping or caulk around windows and doors and seals in duct work to ensure you aren’t losing cool air.



Close shades or blinds on east, north and south facing windows that get a lot of sunlight during the day.



Plan meals that can be made on a grill, in the microwave or prepared in advance to avoid using the oven or stove during the hottest parts of the day.



Check if your attic and walls have proper insulation to keep warm air from coming in.



Wash laundry and dishes only with full loads on cold and avoid using appliances during the hottest part of the day.



Clear the area around outdoor units from weeds or other items and clean filters if needed.



Plant or maintain trees on the east and south side of your home to create a natural sun shade.