Solar Energy

Is solar right for you?

While solar energy continues to grow in popularity, there are many things to consider when thinking about installing solar panels.

Each home is different, including electric rates, area regulations and energy use patterns. Each of these must be analyzed when considering installing a solar application.

Be sure to contact your local utility before purchasing or installing solar panels.

Heartland Energy has developed a tool to help you determine if solar is right for you. Our calculator will assist in determing energy savings and payback period. Be sure to check it out below before making a purchase. 

What Can Solar Do?

Solar Energy and solar panels have the ability to power the following:

    • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties
    • Water Heaters
    • Portable Batteries
    • Modes of Transportation
    • Much more

If you’re considering a solar installation, please reach out to your local utility. Heartland Energy is here to answer questions and provide education as well.


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