Electric Vehicle Charging

$500 Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate

Heartland Energy takes a complete approach to economical energy, which means keeping up with game-changing technology like Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations and their installment.

The Power Forward electric vehicle charger rebate is provided by Heartland Energy in collaboration with your local municipal utility. A $500 rebate is provided for the purchase of a Level 2 Smart Charger installed by a customer of a participating utility served by Heartland Energy.

Already own an EV?  You may be eligible for a $50 rebate for simply completing our survey to provide information about your charging habits.

You must live in a community served by Heartland Energy to qualify for the survey incentive.

EV vs Gasoline

EV stations can be found in public areas, homes and gas stations. It’s convenient for travel and day-to-day commutes and with zero emissions produced from BEVs, installing an EV charging station in your home is better for the environment and also allows the opportunity to receive a rebate or incentive. Speaking of costs, charging EVs costs an average of 35 percent less than filling up a traditional gasoline tank.


To learn more about EV Charging and how Heartland is impacting your community, check out our latest news.