The Heartland Energy Team

Functioning in the Best Interest of Our Customers

Heartland Energy is governed by an eleven-member board of directors, each member elected to represent a designated subdivision within the district. Directors are elected on a non-partisan basis in the general election for terms of six years.

Heartland’s original nine subdivisions were established in 1969 and include virtually all rural areas of the 36 counties in eastern South Dakota. The cities of Groton, Madison, Volga, Arlington, Howard, Miller and Plankinton, South Dakota later elected to be annexed into the district. Two new subdivisions were created to accommodate the additional territory.

Our board emphasizes reliable and economical generation and delivery systems. Heartland’s board has the ultimate decision making authority for rates and power supply. Board meetings take place at Heartland’s headquarters on the second Thursday of each month and are open to the public.

Board of Directors

Meet our 11-member board of dedicated and reliable directors.

Mark Joffer

President, Subdivision 1

Lisa Rave

Vice President, Subdivision 8

Jeff Heinemeyer

Secretary, Subdivision 6

Roger Fritz

Treasurer, Subdivision 9

Larry Nielson

Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, Subdivision 3

Pat Anderson

Subdivision 2

Lee Ann Wheeler

Subdivision 4

Dave Hahler

Subdivision 5

Vern Hill

Subdivision 7

Bill Lewellen

Subdivision 11

Donna Fawbush

Subdivision 10

Next Meeting

August 11, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda