Public Power

Community Powered

Across the nation, community-owned, not-for-profit public power utilities power homes and businesses in over 2,000 communities, from small towns to large cities. Collectively, public power utilities provide reliable, low-cost electricity to more than 49 million Americans while protecting the environment. Heartland Energy is proud to be included in this group.

Much like we do, these utilities generate or buy electricity from diverse sources, and offer unique benefits such as local control, safe and reliable power and consumer focus.

Power with Purpose

Citizen Owned

Our communities are citizen-owned, which means community members like you are included in the decision-making process. Our loyalty is to you, the people we serve day in and day out.

Community Improvement

Heartland is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our customers, and that is made possible by reinvesting our electric revenue back into our communities. This allows residents and businesses to thrive.

Safety Matters

By offering energy-saving programs, education and mitigating risks and hazards, public power entities are able to uphold the highest level of safety standards.


For recent community updates, American Public Power Association reports and how Heartland is powering your community, check out our latest news.


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