Commercial Lighting Rebates

Simple Solutions

Lighting plays an integral role in any business, so it’s important to choose wisely. While interior lighting accounts for a substantial portion of a business’s energy consumption, it also contributes to employee morale and productivity. Simply upgrading to more economical lighting can make a huge impact on a business’s bottom line.

The Power Forward commercial lighting rebate program provides rebates for replacing existing lights with new, more productive models. Apply for a rebate* by completing the application and turning it into your local utility or city office.

Qualifying Light Fixtures

LED Wall Packs

  • 25 to 60 watts | $20
  • 60 watts or greater | $30

Occupancy Sensor

  • $15/sensor

Replace high pressure sodium, metal halide or mercury vapor with LED

  • 149 watts or less | $40 per fixture
  • 150 watts or greater | $50 per fixture


Replace T5, T8 or T12 lamps with linear replacement lamps

  • 2-foot LED | $2 per lamp
  • 4-foot LED | $3 per lamp
  • 8-foot LED | $5 per lamp


Replace T5, T8 or T12 fixture with LED flat panel

  • 48 watts or less | $20 per fixture
  • 49 watts or greater | $30 per fixture


Replace incandescent EXIT sign with LED fixture

  • $10 per fixture

*Must be a commercial or industrial customer of a participating utility. Sioux Falls, SD residents click HERE for rebate information and applications. Madison, SD residents click HERE for rebate information and applications. Upgrades other than those outlined above may also be considered for rebates. Please contact Ann Hyland at (800) 520-4746 to discuss custom rebate options.

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