Build Electric

Power That Pays

Choosing an all-electric home provides up-front cost savings and reliability. Electric appliances and equipment have a longer lifespan than their gas counterparts, and often qualify for federal tax credits and rebates.

Electricity is also safer and reduces unwanted pollutants in your home. No carbon monoxide byproducts are produced, eliminating the risk of gas leaks.

Plus, you can earn incentives from your local public power utility. Give yourself peace of mind and build electric with Heartland Energy.

Participating Utilities

Available Rebates For Your Home

boy adjusting thermometer

Heat Pump

The Power Forward heat pump rebate program provides rebates for purchasing a new ENERGY STAR qualified air-source heat pump, mini-split heat pump or geothermal heat pump. Additional incentives are available when electric backup is installed.
man next to waterheater

Water Heater

The Power Forward water heater rebate program provides rebates for installing new, high-performance, lifetime warranty electric water heaters.

EV Charging

The Power Forward program offers education and a rebate for installing a home electric vehicle charging station, a cost-effective and convenient option for electric vehicle owners.
man working on solar panels

Solar Energy

If you’re looking at installing solar energy in your home, Heartland is here to answer any questions, provide tips and educate customers about the true cost of installation and payback of solar energy.

Solar Savings Calculator

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