Commercial Refrigeration Rebates

Upgrade Your Savings

Refrigeration equipment typically accounts for 25 to 60 percent of electricity consumption at grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants. Economical energy can be applied to all types of refrigeration equipment. There have been many advances in commercial refrigeration technology — many of which are cost-effective with improved product quality.

The Power Forward commercial refrigeration rebate program provides rebates for upgrading to new, high-efficiency equipment. Apply for a rebate* by completing the application and turning it into your local utility or city office.

Qualifying Equipment

LED refrigerator or freezer case display lighting | $25 per door

          LED must serve as the only source of light for the case. Incentive is per door for vertical lighting. Open display cases do not qualify.

Anti-sweat heater controls — refrigerated display cases or freezers | $25 per door

          Must sense humidity or condensation and adjust heater accordingly.

Electronically commutated motor — walk in coolers | $75 per motor

          Much replace a standard shaded-pole evaporator fan motor.

Electronically commutated motor — reach in coolers | $30 per motor

          Must replace a standard shaded-pole evaporator fan motor.

ENERGY STAR commercial solid or glass door refrigerator or freezer | $200 per unit

          Must be self-contained.


 *Must be a commercial or industrial customer of a participating utility.

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