New Madelia Government Center design unveiled

January 4, 2022

Facility will house city hall, police station and fire hall

By Chris Fischer, Madelia City Administrator; First published in the Madelia Times-Messenger December 9, 2021; reprinted with permission

The outdoor design of the new Madelia Government Center has been unveiled for the public to see. The facility will be the home for Madelia City Hall, Madelia Police Department and Madelia Fire Department. The project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2022.

“The design will be a great gateway to the Madelia community at the prominent intersection of Drew Avenue and Main Street,” said Lee McCabe.

McCabe represents PHLAG Mechanical, who won the contract to build the project through open bids.

In early 2021, the Madelia City Council requested proposals to replace the current facility in downtown Madelia. The current facilities range from buildings over 100 years old to a small fire hall addition from 1985. The groups wanted to move into a space that was more efficient, affordable and kept pace with the changing city over the last 100 years.

Plans call for the current city facilities to be redeveloped and open much needed space to a growing downtown.

By having one shared structure, the organizations can utilize shared spaces throughout–along with shared services such as internet and heating/ventilation/air conditioning–all saving the taxpayers money from day one.

The new Government Center will allow the police station to be more visible to the community.

“Currently our police station is accessible only through an alley after business hours and weekends,” said Police Chief Rob Prescher. “By being more visible to the community, I believe it will enhance public safety not only to the residents of Madelia, but to visitors as well.”

“This is a long time coming,” added Fire Chief Ryan Visher. “Our current space is tight, and our meeting room is in the basement. We are excited to have a space that is more compliant and more readily accessible to highways and key routes in our fire district.”

Accepting the proposal from PHLAG set in motion a project that has been thought about for many years.

“Here we are, beginning a new chapter in the growth of Madelia,” said Mayor Mike Grote. “I believe what have here is a building our community will be proud of and will serve our community for many generations to come.”

Featured photo courtesy Madelia Times-Messenger.