Customers upgrade lighting, earn grants

June 30, 2016

Eight Heartland customers were recently awarded energy efficiency grants for upgrading lighting. The cities of Groton, Colman and Bryant, SD and Akron, IA earned grants for upgrading high pressure sodium street lights to LED. The cities of Langford and Arlington, SD and Truman, MN earned grants for upgrading high pressure sodium street lights as well as various indoor and outdoor metal halide and fluorescent light fixtures at city facilities and structures. The city of Miller, SD earned a grant for upgrading fluorescent and incandescent fixtures at city hall.

“Lighting upgrades offer significant advantages to older, inefficient lighting including savings in energy and maintenance, and a superior quality of light and appearance,” said Heartland Communications Manager Ann Hyland. “A number of municipalities within our customer base and across the region are making the switch, and we are happy to help our customers administer these projects.”

Heartland provides energy efficiency grants to customers for projects that improve energy efficiency within the city. For more information, visit