Build Electric in Colman

Pilot Project: Earn $4,000 from Heartland Energy

If you’re building a house in Colman, SD, you may qualify for a $4,000 incentive from Heartland Energy and the city of Colman. By making your home all-electric, you are choosing a cleaner and safer source of energy. When you choose to go all-electric, Heartland Energy will provide you $4,000 at closing.  

Heating and Cooling

Home must feature an electric air source or geothermal heat pump as main source of heating and cooling. Backup furnace must also be electric.

Water Heating

Home must feature an electric tank water heater. Electric heat pump water heaters may also be utilized.


All appliances in the home must run on electricity and be ENERGY STAR certified. This includes kitchen appliances, laundry and any other home appliance.

Why go electric?


Cost Savings

  • Electric appliances, including furnaces, have a lower upfront cost
  • Tax credits and rebates available for certain electric appliances, including heat pumps
  • Electric appliances and equipment have a longer lifespan than their gas counterparts

Peace of Mind

  • No carbon monoxide by-products
  • Eliminates risk of gas leaks


  • No need for propane tank taking up space in your yard
  • Electric appliances are quiet

Homes must be newly constructed and use electricity as their only energy source. This includes all heating and cooling equipment, water heating and appliances. If a backup furnace is installed for an electric heat pump, it must be electric. Water heater must be electric. Complete details can be found on the application.

This is a pilot program and is available only in Colman, SD through December 31, 2024. Homes must be completed and occupied during this time period or equipment fully installed and operational. 

Heartland Energy provides wholesale power to the city of Colman.