CEO’s Report: The benefits of DEED

September 1, 2017

Heartland customers have access to utility project fund source

When Heartland sought to hire student interns the past two summers, we turned to the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments (DEED) Program for help.

DEED provided the majority of each intern’s wages and the work they performed ended up proving invaluable to Heartland and our customers.

DEED is the only research, development and demonstration program funded by and for public power utilities. Its purpose is to support projects that develop new technologies and techniques providing direct, tangible benefits to utilities in energy innovation, improving efficiencies and reducing costs of energy.

Available for Heartland customers

Heartland pays the annual DEED membership dues for all our customers, as well as their APPA dues.

DEED provides grants, as well as scholarships to member utilities. Grants typically range from $25,000 to $50,000.

DEED has funded projects including educational videos, safety publications, the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, the implementation of a building management system to save energy, and more.

The possibilities are endless and if a project is innovative, DEED wants to help. Anyone who has a project in mind should not be apprehensive about applying.

DEED projects meant to be shared

DEED offers free webinars to learn first-hand about projects funded through the program and members have access to the project database, allowing them to learn about previous DEED projects and access final reports. Publications, software and videos resulting from DEED-sponsored projects are available through the APPA Product Store at discounted rate or even free.

One of the greatest features of DEED is that all projects, results, and lessons learned are shared with other DEED members. There is a focus on applicability – meaning the project funded could be applied at another utility.

DEED also offers an e-newsletter keeping members up to date on industry research and projects being conducted through the program.

Heartland can help

If you have a project you’ve been considering but aren’t sure how to fund it, consider applying for a DEED grant. The application process is simple, without all the red tape you might expect when applying for funding.

If you could use an extra set of hands on a temporary basis, consider a DEED scholarship. Bringing in students benefits you as well as gives them valuable work experience and exposes them to careers in public power.

Best of all, if you need help with the application process, Heartland is here to help. Just let us know what you want to do and we’ll help in any way we can.

DEED has provided resources to help members improve utility processes and practices for 37 years. If you aren’t utilizing at least one thing DEED offers, I urge you to visit their website at to learn more.