Auburn renews contract with Heartland

January 4, 2021

The city of Auburn, Iowa looks forward to stable electricity prices for the next twenty years. The city is extending their power supply contract with Heartland Consumers Power District through 2040.

Heartland began supplying the city with wholesale power and energy in 2015. The original contract had a ten-year term. Heartland approached the city about extending to continue taking advantage of stable pricing.

“Heartland has taken several actions over the last few years to provide affordable power to customers for the foreseeable future,” said Heartland CEO Russell Olson. “We are excited to make Auburn a long-term customer and continue our relationship.”

The new contract provides savings over their existing contract, as well as consistent pricing for the next 20 years. The city council approved the new contract at their December 14 meeting.

“This contract will reduce risk in the long-term for our ratepayers,” said Mayor Richard Heim. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Heartland as a reliable, affordable power supplier.”

Auburn will now also be able to use Heartland’s full suite of services. Long-term customers have access to energy efficiency, economic development, and cybersecurity programs.

“Our programs provide economic benefit to customers,” Olson added. “We want to be a partner to our customers and provide tools to help recruit businesses, save energy and money and protect valuable data.”

Heartland’s energy efficiency program provides rebates for making energy efficient purchases. Upgrading lighting, water heaters and heating and cooling systems may qualify for incentives. Grants are also available to the city for making upgrades.

Heartland’s economic development program helps new and expanding businesses within customer communities. Growth incentives and utility rebates are available to qualifying businesses.

“As a power supplier, we want to see our communities grow,” said Olson.

Heartland also offers a cybersecurity program to ensure utilities are protected from cybercriminals.

Heartland will continue supplying Auburn’s wholesale power needs beyond the city’s federal Western Area Power Administration allocation.

Auburn is home to just over 300 people with a peak demand of 600 kilowatts.