Spotlight Event

July 9, 2015

APPA Spotlight Event

Protecting Public Power Utilities’ Eligibility for FEMA Assistance

July 28, 2015

1-2:30 PM CST

Public power utilities are eligible to receive disaster assistance if they incur costs as a result of an event that is declared a “major disaster” by the President of the United States. This assistance reimburses 75% or more of the costs of “eligible emergency work” – such as debris removal and power restoration – and of restoring or replacing damaged facilities.

However, this disaster assistance is subject to a number of special eligibility rules applicable to federal grants. In order to be sure utilities receive the maximum amount of assistance, utilities must know the most critical rules and how to effectively request and protect their eligibility.

In this webinar, the instructors will provide an overview of FEMA’s Public Assistance Program and briefly discuss APPA’s FEMA Guidebook for Public Power Managers. Participants will also learn how to avoid common mistakes which lead to either disallowance of costs or to retroactive de-obligations, in which FEMA requires forced return of disaster assistance already spent.

Topics include:

  • Primary requirements for applicant eligibility
  • Eligibility of facilities and special issues to watch for
  • Eligible work and the distinction between emergency power restoration and permanent work such as reconductoring
  • Eligible costs including basics of procurement and insurance offsets
  • Appeals rights and what to expect if your FEMA funding is targeted for an Office of Inspector General audit.

Cost is $89 for APPA members and $179 for non-APPA members. Heartland customers have a complimentary APPA membership and qualify for the discounted rate.

To register or for more information, visit or contact APPA Education Coordinator Sara Krautbauer at 202-467-2965 or