New city electrician has big shoes to fill

March 2, 2022

“Know Your Neighbor” interview in Parker, SD

Photo, story by Dawn Rye, Writer, The New Era; Originally published January 20, 2022; Reprinted with permission

Local graduate Tanner Plucker has been an electrician for the last 15 years working with several control systems, and electrical wiring in both homes and businesses. Recently, he was hired to fill the city electrician* position left open after Robbi Buller vacated the position. Plucker shares his experience, and what he brings to the Parker residents in our 10 minutes “Know your Neighbor” interview. Plucker currently lives in the Chancellor area and carries a Journeyman’s electricians license.

  1. Where are you originally from?

    “I grew up in Parker and graduated in 2002.”

  2. What made you decided to apply for the City of Parker electrician position?

    “After attending Mitchell Tech for an electrical degree, I moved back to the area. I worked in Sioux Falls for about four years before I ended up at Sims Electric in Hartford, where I worked for the last 14 years.

    A few years ago, my wife, Melissa and I moved back to the Chancellor area. Our kids attend the Parker School District. We thought it was the best option for being closer to the kids and helping out in the community.”

  3. What do you love most about being in Parker?

    “I enjoy the people. It is a great community and with me being gone for 15 years and being able to come back and see familiar faces its nice.”

  4. Tell me about your family.

    “I have two kids, wife and three dogs. My oldest daughter is in first grade and the second one will be in kindergarten in 2022.”

  5. With Robbi Buller being gone, what are some expectations you have to meet?

    As I review the materials Robbi had available to him, it is a bit overwhelming. I’m not used to working with higher voltage. I feel like with the experience that I have with controls, trouble shooting, and previous jobs requiring me to be on call, gives me something to offer.

  6. Why did you decided to become an electrician?

    “Honestly, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was growing up. A few friends from Parker were attending Mitchell Tech for electrical, so I decided go there as well. I enjoy working on car stereos, which is completely different, however, I jumped in and enjoyed it.”

  7. What kind of electric work have you done over the years?

    “I have done heating, controlling to underground, overhead and his main job was in an elevator working with controls. I was always learning on the job. My favorite part about electrical work is the challenge and try to figure something out.”

  8. What do you like to do for fun?

    “Hunting, fishing. Hunting includes, deer, dove, pheasant and coyotes. Fishing is either ice fishing or fishing on the lake.”

*Plucker’s official job title for the city of Parker is Electric Superintendent.