Heartland seeking input from end-use electric utility customers

June 29, 2017

Residents in Heartland customer communities may be receiving phone calls asking about their electric service.

Heartland has partnered with SDS Research to conduct a customer survey to learn more about the residents in our customer communities and the expectations they have of their electricity provider.

Representatives began making calls June 26 asking about customer service, social media and energy efficiency rebates, among other topics.

“The goal of the survey is for Heartland to get a better idea of what people value and how we can better support the city in providing services beneficial to the residents of each community we serve,” said Heartland Communications Manager Ann Hyland.

SDS is randomly selecting residents to call, and Hyland is hopeful people will be willing to take a few minutes to answer their questions.

“It is our goal to add value to the communities we serve and the best way we can do that is by asking questions and generating feedback,” noted Hyland.

The survey is also available online and all electric customers served by Heartland customer municipalities are invited and encouraged to fill it out. You can do so by visiting hcpd.com/survey. It will be available until Thursday, July 6.