Heartland issues Reverse Request for Proposals

November 1, 2017

Heartland Consumers Power District is issuing a Reverse Request for Proposals (Reverse RFP) to offer electric capacity and energy products associated with its share of the Laramie River Station (LRS) power plant beginning June 1, 2021. The plant is located near Wheatland, Wyoming with delivery to the SPP transmission system.

Heartland is a non-profit, public power utility and political subdivision of the state of South Dakota providing affordable, reliable energy solutions as well as energy efficiency and economic development programs to its customers across the Midwest since 1969.  Currently, Heartland provides wholesale electric energy to 29 cities and municipal electric systems in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas.  Heartland is capable of providing supplemental, partial or full requirements energy, depending on the needs of each customer.

Heartland has three product offerings as part of the Reverse RFP: (1) a 3-Year Purchased Power Agreement (PPA), (2) a 5-Year PPA available to public power groups including municipals and joint action agencies only, and (3) an Ownership Sale of Heartland’s 3%, 51 MW, undivided interest in the Missouri Basin Power Project (MBPP).  The MBPP includes LRS, the transmission system, all property, facilities, structures, land, Gray Rocks Dam and Reservoir, fuel, and any other rights or interests as described in the MBPP Participation Agreement.

Heartland welcomes all interested parties to submit a Standard Response Form included as Appendix A in the RFP document by December 18, 2017. The RFP and other information are available on the website operated by Heartland’s power supply consultant, GDS Associates, Inc. at https://www.gdsassociates.com/request-for-proposals/. Questions concerning the RFP should be directed to Ernesto Perez via:


GDS Associates, Inc.             Phone: (770) 425-8100

Suite 800                                Fax:    (770) 426-0303

1850 Parkway Place                 E-mail: ernesto.perez@gdsassociates.com
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