2016 a record year for energy efficiency

January 4, 2017

Commercial lighting and street light LED upgrades popular among customers

Last year proved to be a banner year in terms of energy efficiency upgrades in Heartland customer communities.


Heartland issued over $50,000 in rebates throughout the year to help residents and businesses make energy efficiency upgrades, the most issued since the program’s inception in 2012.

Commercial lighting upgrades continue to be the most popular among all our customers with 2,053 light fixtures upgraded in 2016.

Residents also continued to install LED lighting in their homes with Heartland providing rebates for 231 bulbs throughout the year.

Water heating, which accounts for a large portion of home energy use, was also popular, with 46 lifetime warranty electric water heaters installed.

Seven ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners were installed with help from Heartland’s rebates and 50 ENERGY STAR appliances including freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dehumidifiers.


Our energy efficiency grant program continued to be popular in 2016 with 13 customers applying for and receiving funding.

Street lighting was again the most popular project with 506 street lights upgraded to LED. Funding was also awarded for fire hall, city hall and community court lighting.

Heartland customers will see annual savings of over $40,000 from the projects implemented with help from our grants.

New for 2017

We will continue to offer energy efficiency funding in 2017 with two changes.

Rebates for upgrading appliances will no longer be offered and rebates for water heaters are increasing.

Applicants will now receive $200 for purchasing a 50 to 79 gallon lifetime warranty electric water heater and $400 for purchasing a heater 80 gallons or larger.

For more details on the Power Forward energy efficiency programs, visit www.youcanpowerforward.com.