Stanhope extends contract with Heartland

City looks forward to utilizing customer service programs

The city of Stanhope, Iowa will be expanding services offered to customers, thanks to a contract extension with their wholesale power supplier.

The Stanhope city council recently voted to extend their power supply contract with Heartland Consumers Power District through the year 2030.

In addition to stable, affordable electricity, Heartland also offers a suite of customer service programs to assist with economic development, energy efficiency and cybersecurity.

Heartland began supplying the city with wholesale power and energy in 2014, expanding their customer base in the state of Iowa. Stanhope’s original contract was set to expire at the end of 2023.

Heartland approached the city about extending to continue taking advantage of stable pricing. The extension would also make Stanhope a long-term customer, giving them access to customer programs.

“Our programs are designed to help customers flourish,” said Heartland CEO Russell Olson. “We are excited to extend our relationship with Stanhope, continuing our partnership and making our programs available to the city and their residents.”

The new contract provides savings over their existing contract, as well as consistent pricing for the next 10 years. The city council approved the new contract at their January 12 meeting.

“We look forward to taking advantage of all the services Heartland offers,” said Mayor Harold Hove. “This extension provides our city affordable power as well as programs to help businesses grow and residents make energy efficiency upgrades.”

Heartland’s energy efficiency program provides rebates for making energy efficient purchases. Upgrading lighting, water heaters and heating and cooling systems may qualify for incentives.

Heartland’s economic development program assists new and expanding businesses within customer communities. Growth incentives and utility rebates are available to qualifying businesses.

Heartland also offers programs to assist the city with infrastructure upgrades related to development, make energy efficient improvements at city facilities and protect valuable data from cyber thieves.

Stanhope is situated within the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) market and is connected to the ITC transmission system. Heartland will provide full-requirement power supply to the city.

Stanhope is home to just over 400 people.

DEED awards funding to IAMU projects

This post originally appeared on The Informer on October 6, 2015.

At its fall meeting, the board of directors of the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments program, or DEED, awarded two grants for Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) projects.  The first grant is to develop a handbook on innovative business models and services for small public power utilities.  For many small public power utilities, evaluating the diverse array of potential innovations can be overwhelming. This project will provide a handbook, designed for managers and governing bodies of small municipal utilities, that details practical ways a utility can modify its business model and offer additional services to customers.

The second grant is to develop a succession planning toolkit for public power utilities.  The toolkit will be for governing bodies addressing top level leadership succession and  for public power management, often with limited human resources experience or support, addressing succession planning for positions of critical skills. It will include (1) an educational guide on the importance of, issues surrounding, and steps to be taken to address leadership or critical skills succession planning, (2) a succession preparedness checklist to help governing bodies and management evaluate risks that may create a succession need, and to assess both utility’s preparedness and capability to address those needs quickly, and (3) a quick start guide to addressing the most serious preparedness issues.

Both projects will provide important resources for municipal utilities in Iowa and across the country as they adapt to a period of great change in the electric utility industry.  IAMU will present the results of the projects through webinars and conference presentations.

APPA’s DEED program is a research and demonstration program funded by and for public power utilities.  In addition DEED provides funding for student internships and scholarships.  DEED members can apply for funding, receive updates about current research projects, and have access to a database of all the projects funded through DEED.  Municipal utilities that are members of APPA are encouraged to become DEED members as well.  More information about the program can be found online.


Heartland currently serves three municipal utilities in Iowa: Akron, Auburn and Stanhope.

Stanhope to open fitness center

Residents in Stanhope, Iowa will soon have 24-hour access to fitness equipment and workout space with the completion of the new Stanhope Fitness Center. The city, with assistance from the Stanhope Fitness Center Committee, plans to open the facility by November 1.

“The fitness center will help improve the health and quality of life of area residents, as well as provide space to create physical fitness support groups and friendships in the community,” said committee member Staci Olthoff. “It will be an amenity to those in and around the community as well as an incentive for those considering moving to the area.”

Over one-third of the $13,000 project has been raised through successful fundraising events, donations and grants. Heartland recently awarded the city a $5,000 economic development grant to help purchase equipment.

“Community wellness centers offer a variety of benefits, ranging from economic to personal health,” said Heartland Director of Economic Development Ryan Brown. “Stanhope’s fitness center will give purpose to a vacant building, provide a convenient exercise space for local patrons and add to the city’s appeal. It will also help improve the overall well-being of residents, which is an important aspect of community development.”

The committee is making multiple improvements to the formerly vacant space, including new electrical outlets, security cameras, energy efficient lighting and more. The center will feature commercial-grade cardio and  resistance equipment.

A survey conducted in the community showed the majority of Stanhope residents were in favor of the center and were likely to be members. The committee hopes to keep membership rates low, allowing people of all income levels to use the facility.

Heartland awards economic development grants to projects that foster growth and development or increase the quality of life in the community. Heartland customers and their local economic development corporations are eligible to apply.