Heartland launches new website

July 10, 2015

Visitors to Heartland’s website, www.hcpd.com, will notice some changes have recently taken place. On June 30, Heartland launched a new website and accompanying newsroom after months of planning and design.

“Our hope with the new website is that customers and other visitors will easily be able to access the information they’re seeking,” said Heartland CEO Russell Olson. “The old site had become somewhat cumbersome to navigate. We are very proud of the new site and welcome any feedback users have to continue to enhance their experience.”

The number one goal of the site was easy navigation with site headings displayed at the top of each page. A section titled Forms & Applications includes all the applications for our energy efficiency and economic development programs on one page, making is simple for utilities, businesses and residents to find the form they need.

With the new website, Heartland also launched a new newsroom, which includes all the latest Heartland and industry news. Our monthly newsletter will now link directly to stories in the newsroom, rather than a pdf.

“The newsletter should now be easier to read with this format and also gives us more flexibility in how we deliver the news,” added Olson. “Also, the newsroom is always available so you don’t have to keep past newsletters if there’s a story you’re interested in. You can easily search for a story on the site.”

Heartland contracted the services of Lawrence & Schiller to redesign the site. For questions about the new site or suggestions, contact Heartland Communications Manager Ann Hyland.